Sunburn 2013: The Music Festival Lives Up To The Hype

will be devoted to the following performance schedule: 3:30 p.m. Friction Quartet 4:00 p.m. Berkeley Choro Ensemble 4:30 p.m. Dave Rocha Jazz Group 5:00 p.m. Intermission 5:30 p.m. La Familia Pena-Govea 6:00 p.m. Ricardo Peixoto Group 6:30 p.m. The VNote Ensemble Once again, all events will be held at the SFCM at 50 Oak Street. Everything will be free, and no tickets will be required. Visitors will have the liberty to come and go from the individual venues according to their interests. However, it is important to note, as an additional feature, that Quinteto Latino, which will be participating on Sunday, will be holding its own Latin American Chamber Music Festival the preceding day. This will also be an all-day affair consisting of four consecutive events to be given on the following schedule: 12:30 p.m. Inspiring Young Latinos Concert, which will include musicians from Enriching Lives Through Music performing with the Community MusicWorks Alumni String Quartet 2 p.m.

Roberto Fonseca, Pedrito Martinez looking to move Afro-Cuban music forward

In a nutshell, great music, beautiful lights, interesting food is equal to an eight-hour long affair that would be inked for a lifetime in your memories. Anushree Singh and Shikha Pushpan of IBNLive have brought to you the live action of Sunburn Noida 2013. 04:45 PM: And the #sunburnnoida madness begins. Stay tuned for more updates. 04:47 PM: Dj #vipul hits #sunburnnoida space jungle stage. 04:50 PM: DJs NDS & Blue get the crowd grooving at #Sunburnnoida Space Station stage. 05:06 PM: #sunburnnoida: music fever grows. Many hands go up in the air. 05:42 PM: #dualistinquiry sets the stage on fire with live electronica and guitar based rock. #SunburnNoida 05:45 PM: #anishsood from goa rolls out his tracks now. Crowd turnout is overwhelming.

‘Chamber Music Day’ has a new name and some interesting modifications

Liam Payne and Andy Samuels

To me, music doesnt have frontiers, doesnt have borders, Fonseca says over the phone from a tour stop in New Orleans, perhaps the only city in this hemisphere crammed with more musical magic per square foot than Havana. When people listen to my music, they feel good, even if theyre not from Cuba. Fonseca has helped push Afro-Cuban music further into the 21st century on other recordings, too his work with British dubstep pioneer Mala produced an intriguing 2012 album called Mala in Cuba . But, Fonseca said, his desire to move Cuban music ahead feels more personal, almost internal. It would have been easy to name myself the Buena Vista Social Club new generation, Fonseca said. But now its my career, and people are really accepting. We are starting from zero here, and Im feeling really good. My music is my life, and my life is my music. New from Pedrito Martinez New York percussionist and singer Pedrito Martinez seems to be following similar impulses on the excellent, eponymous debut album from the Pedrito Martinez Group, out Tuesday. The album grinds the band leaders original compositions up against tunes made famous by Led Zeppelin and the Jackson 5 all played with a zeal that should burnish Martinezs reputation as one of the most vital and charismatic Afro-Latin percussionists on the planet. The 40-year-old conga player first learned Cubas rhythmic dialects in the streets of Havana, but he said his curiosity is continuously stoked by the music of New York City. Everything comes from tradition, and what you do is add, Martinez said over the telephone. Its Afro-Cuban music interpreted by someone whos been in the United States for 15 years. Martinez first left his native Cuba for a tour of Canada in 1998, and in 2000, took first place at the Thelonious Monk International Afro-Latin Jazz Hand Drum Competition, held at the Kennedy Center. Since then, hes appeared on more than 100 recordings, all while performing regularly at private Santeria ceremonies at apartments across various New York boroughs. His group an ace quartet that includes keyboardist Ariacne Trujillo, bassist Alvaro Benavides and percussionist Jhair Sala still maintains a weekly residency at Guantanamera, a Cuban restaurant in Hells Kitchen. Martinez said the gig has helped him learn to a play with a dynamism and intensity that can rip across rooms of any size.

Music and Evil: Top 20 Halloween Songs (Pt. 1)

I love horror, noir, mystery, drama and the dark side of things. If I was infected with midichloriants, I’d definitely be a Sith. Bet your ass. You guys know I love autumn. I love hayrides and candied apples. I love hating candy corn and eating cookies and cupcakes. I like being in a place where things are creepy and scary. To transform a normal setting into a dark and horrific nightmare is not hard. I’ll talk about that in another article….But today, we’re going to discuss the music that was made specifically for the mainstream. Bands that are NOT dark all year round. This is stuff you’ve heard on the radio, so it’s not just some obscure melodies that I’ve found. But songs like this would be cheating….See?