Concert Clean Up: Dozens Of Drug, Alcohol Arrests Made Following Bassnectar Show

BLOOMINGTON – A busy night for police after a sold out concert leads to dozens of drug and alcohol arrests. Local hospitals also worked well into the morning, treating an influx of patients who had overdosed. Police say the problems stem from the Bassnectar concert which played to a full house at the US Cellular Coliseum. The artist known for his electronic music and light shows also performed in Bloomington last year. Even then officers dealt with people who’d taken drugs like ecstasy, acid, and bath salts. About 6,000 attended Friday night’s show. Police say fights broke out after with many sent to jail. Meantime, hospitals also kept busy treating patients who’d come from the concert. Both OSF St. Joseph and Advocate BroMenn Medical Center had extra emergency room staff on hand to provide needed care. Each facility brought in more workers for this purpose; following the aftermath of last year’s Bassnectar concert. Patients were still being treated Saturday afternoon. Copyright 2013 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

Concert preview: Austra thrives on touring

Not only do her lyrics dwell on detachment, so do her bandas sonics, which encapsulate emotions ranging from the sting of betrayal to the inner satisfaction of self-reliance. The Toronto native also needs to cut herself off from the rest of world before she starts working on a new album. After touring Austraas Polaris shortlisted debut, Feel It Break (2011), she spent a few months in Seattle, trying to get in touch with her creative side again. aI kind of isolated myself a I didnat have Internet or a working phone,a she says. aI find writing requires a lot of space and time by yourself, so I spent a lot of time alone, trying to get lost in my own brain. It was hard. We had spent so much time touring Feel It Break and I felt like I had transitioned into more of a managerial role in the band. I found it really difficult to get back into writing songs. Making that transition took a long time.a While Stelmanis wrote most of Feel It Break on her own, she eventually emerged from seclusion and enlisted the help of her bandmates a Maya Postepski (drums), Dorian Wolf (bass) a on Olympia. Sari and Romy Lightman, known as indie-folk duo Tasseomancy , also contributed. The twin vocalists were part of Austraas touring lineup in 2012, so Stelmanis felt it was only natural to involve them in Olympia, which feels groovier and dancier than its predecessor. aFeel It Break was essentially an introspective record, but it became much more of a celebratory dance party when we toured it.