Celebrity Summit Passengers Sick With Stomach Bug

Celebrity Summit

has tripled over two decades. Yet, despite these facts, there remains a lot of confusion about what Greek poet Homer called “liquid gold.” Its not surprising considering its many labels: cold pressed, extra-light, pure. What do they mean and which is better? “Iron Chef” and Food Network starCat Cora stopped by FoxNews.com Live studios to help break it all down. Cora, who is of Greek-American heritage, knows a thing or two about olive oil. Shes partnered with the Mediterranean cuisine company Gaea, to develop Cat Coras Kitchen by Gaea — a range of olive oils, tapenades, cooking sauces and vinegars. Here are six truths about olive oil that will hopefully add clarity to your next bottle you purchase. TRUE OR FALSE? Olive oil isn’t good for frying food False: It does have a high smoking point, meaning it can go up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason why a lot of people do not fry, deep fry, with olive oil is because its expensive. TRUE OR FALSE? Oil that isn’t first cold-pressed is just the leftover oil True: The first press is the cold press, meaning its without heat or chemicals, and its extra virgin meaning, it is the premium olive oil that you want to buy. Anything else is a pure olive oil or its a leftover olive oil.” TRUE OR FALSE? Cooking olive oil destroys its health benefits True: It does destroy some of the health benefits. It definitely does because of the heat … but what we do in the Mediterranean is we will cook with a little bit of olive oil and then well actually add a drizzle of fresh olive oil on top … to keep those benefits. TRUE OR FALSE? You should store olive oil in the refrigerator False: Unless you live in an extremely humid, hot place you might want to do that, but other than that in a cool dark place, just like you would with wine. TRUE OR FALSE?

The shortage of king and tiger prawns has been caused by a disease which has affected prawn farms in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. Importers are therefore competing for supplies from countries unaffected by the disease, including India, Bangladesh and Ecuador, causing prices to rocket. Oliver is hoping to secure a new source of prawns so that he can restore the 12.50 prawn linguine dish to menus at the chains 33 outlets in the UK. Until recently, his Italian chain bought 992lb (450kg) of these warm water prawns a week. A spokeswoman for Jamie Oliver said: Weve taken prawns off the menu at Jamies Italian. Were still able to buy in smaller quantities for the individual restaurants Barbecoa and Fifteen but, because of the high volume needed for Jamies Italian, we have taken them off the menu as availability across the market has dropped and of course prices are fluctuating. The disease, called early mortality syndrome, has hit prawn production for the past two years but has been particularly bad this year in Thailand. The average chicken nuggets is only HALF meat.. and the rest is fat, bone and nerve endings Supply there is expected to slump by 50 per cent. It affects newly stocked ponds and leads to widespread losses. The restaurant chain was using 990lb (450kg) of the seafood item every week and will be badly affected by struggling stocks (file picture) Jonathan Adams, spokesman for the National Federation of Fishmongers, said: Prawn prices have been rising steadily for some months and in the past few weeks they have gone up 25 to 30 per cent. A British Retail Consortium spokesman said supermarkets are moving suppliers to avoid higher prices in shops. Supplies of cold-water prawns from the Atlantic, which tend to be used for prawn sandwiches and in salads, are not affected.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver drops his linguine as prawn prices rocket

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In response to the outbreak which the CDC said affected 14.5% of passengers and 1.5% of crew onboard a beefed up cleaning and disinfection plan has been put in place on the ship. The CDC is also working with the cruise line on how to deal with “active cases” and cleansing procedures for when the ship returns to Bayonne. Through its Vessel Sanitation Program, the CDC said it would send an epidemiologist and an environmental health officer to meet the ship and do a health assessment, as well as to monitor sanitation procedures. The predominant symptoms of the gastrointestinal illness are vomiting and diarrhea. “Those affected by the short-lived illness have responded well to over-the-counter medication being administered onboard the ship,” said Celebrity Cruises spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez. “At Celebrity Cruises we have high health standards for all our guests and crew. During the sailing, we are taking a number of steps to prevent the transmission of the illness, including implementing enhanced cleaning procedures and protocols, and using special cleaning products and disinfectants that are proven to kill norovirus to clean throughout the ship. These activities will continue as the sailing proceeds,” Martinez explained. Ill passengers on the current sailing were confined to their cabins to prevent further spread and will be compensated for their lost vacation time, she added. Martinez said an “extensive and thorough sanitizing onboard the ship and within the cruise terminal,” would also take place in Bayonne to prevent the illness from affecting the ship’s next sailing also on a Canada/New England itinerary, embarking Saturday. Passengers booked on that sailing who are uncomfortable taking the cruise for reasons “related to personal health or otherwise,” will be able to reschedule their cruise, Martinez said. Norovirus is a common illness, affecting as many as 300 million people worldwide, Martinez noted.

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful Celebrity Mom

Jessica Alba hangs out with Haven and Honor. (FameFlynet)

(FameFlynet) So how does a woman wring the most out of becoming a celeb mom? Here are five easy steps to follow the paths of Jessica Alba, Snooki, Kourtney Kardashian , and many more who have blazed the trail. 1. Be social. Give fans an illusion of intimacy with you through social media; let them share your journey. Marwick points to former “Punky Brewster” star Soleil Moon Frye as someone who effectively used Twitter, even in its early days, in this way. “What she talked about with her fans and followers, it wasn’t about acting,” Marwick says. “It was really about her efforts as a parent and the relatable struggles that parents go through. Even if you have nothing in common with a woman who lives in Hollywood, who’s really thin and has designer clothes, maybe the one thing you do have in common with her is the fact that you’re both parents.” 2. Always be posting (baby pictures). Like any proud parent, show off lots and lots of pictures of your baby. Whenever you’ve got a free moment between changing diapers (or supervising the nanny changing diapers) plop a pic on your Instagram or Twitter accounts. Remember, no moment with your child is too small or mundane.